RMI Marine works closely with Ship owners and Agents to provide efficient and cost effective solutions for vessels at anchorage and alongside. Heavy lifts, stores delivery, grey water and oily slops disposal barges, safety standby vessels are a few of the services provided by RMI Marine.

RMI Marine provides turnkey Crane barges and Drill barges In House with custom stability calculations and fully insured.
  • Deck barges for transport
  • Sectional barges up to 80w x 160 long - Any configuration c/w spuds or winches
  • Tank barges for disposal of grey water and slops
  • Crane barges up to 120 T
  • Drill barge for Geotechnical-Transportable
  • Towing
  • Personnel shuttle services
  • Selection of work barges for alongside ship repairs
  • Certified standby safety vessels
  • Linesmen
  • Labour

RMI Marine sends divers to Italy!
Nov 17, 2012 -     ROME - Salvage crews began preliminary work this week on preparations to refloat the half-submerged Costa Concordia cruise liner in what is set to be the biggest ever operation of its kind. A barge has moved next to the line...
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