Posted: Oct 9, 2012

A sunken wooden sailboat was hoisted out of the waters of the Northwest Arm on Tuesday, and will be towed to a Halifax pier and sold.

"We had some initial contact with the owner who has indicated he was unable to make arrangements for the vessel," Michele Peveril, spokeswoman for the Halifax Port Authority said in an interview.

Peveril said a local salvage company arrived Tuesday morning at the location where the boat sank in early August and determined they could raise it in one piece.

"There had been some concern it would have to be brought up in pieces," said Peveril.

The small sloop-rigged vessel Rascal sank in the water near the Armdale Rotary with part of its mast sticking up, causing a safety hazard.

Owner Josh Hannigan was notified of his obligation to remove the vessel but did not take any action.

The port authority plans to sell the vessel to recover salvage costs.

A very waterlogged Rascal is to be towed to Pier 29 where it will be held until a sale can be arranged.

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